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What Is The Bit Hour Ltd

We offer a platform to reward investors and traders via Cashback, rebates, and discounts. Unlike many blockchain startups, we already have an established business which goes beyond a vision and a roadmap. Our solution makes the market more effective, with higher volume and highest liquidity. Complete solution from is a big chance for all the investors to receive max from each of their investment in the cryptocurrency market.
The resources of our company are mainly focused on the cryptocurrency market, which is characterized by sharp price fluctuations, which opens up unique opportunities for effective investments.
The high profitability of this area is provided by the vast experience of our specialists in the field of currency trading, the use of specially designed robots and tools, and specialized personnel responsible for competent risk and money management, provides risk control and timely response to market changes

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Our Investment Plans

1.10%-1.25% Hourly
For 96 Hours
min: $15 - max: $9,999
Total return: 105.6%-120.0%

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1.89%-2.50% Hourly
For 58 Hours
min: $350 - max: $19,999
Total return:109.9%-145.0%

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8.50%-10.0% Hourly
For 20 Hours
min: $2,500 - max: $150,000
Total return:170.0%-200.0%

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35.0%-55.0% Hourly
For 10 Hours
min: $6,500 - max: $500,000
Total return:350.0%-550.0%

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Our Benefits

The unique advantage here is an automatic matching of users, basing on artificial intelligence approach. It is a first ever artificial intelligence marketplace in the world, combining traditional and smart contract, block chain, future oriented ideas of connecting people and performing operations by analyzing users preferences.We offer our investors a highly profitable project based on mutually beneficial relations and provide all the necessary conditions for long-term cooperation. Investing money in time-proven tools with an experienced and reliable partner will result in efficiency, increased by many times.All that is required of you is to take the first step by letting the professionals do the job, taking care of your investments so that they soon begin to bring you the desired amount of income.

We're experienced
We are experienced professionals who will not only meet, but exceed, your expectations.

We are flexible
Because we are a small firm, we're also responsive, flexible, agile, and client-oriented.

We are effective
We are reliable and we will make sure you're set up for success before our work is done.

We are cost-effective
We adapt as your needs change, with the cost-effectiveness that larger firms just can't match.
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